Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Work Hard Wednesday

Happy Work Hard Wednesday!

Have you ever noticed that when you are motivated to get something done you generally go above and beyond normal? The In-laws are coming to town and you'll be darned if the MIL finds a speck in your kitchen so you scrub it back to brand-new status. Maybe you feel like running and you head out and not only get a run in, but take in your beautiful surroundings that fill your brain with joy. Do not let these moments pass you by! These are your 'certificate' moments. The moments you can give yourself an imaginary award like 'most-improved runner' or 'Project Kitchen MVP'. 
Once we grow up we don't get those pretty little papers that tell us we are awesome. 
We have to give them to ourselves mentally.
And you deserve them.
No matter how small.
Work hard today.
And give yourself a certificate.

What will your certificate be for?
Post a comment to help motivate others!